About us

Know more about Polly Stores.

Know more about Polly Stores. We are the brand when it comes to custom t shirt prints and designs. Founded in Jhansi, India, Polly aims to deliver to its customers a sunny Indian attitude fused with creativity and responsibility.


Effortless style, a trendsetting attitude and the built-to-last mentality is at the heart of the brand. Authenticity and an effort to be the best casual clothing brand is a driving force for our company. We believe in making use of the best quality material available to make you feel like you are wearing the best t shirt in the world. Polly's promise, "we want to make you feel good to look good" celebrates real people and togetherness to offer you the best service there is.

Best quality products

We strive to offer our customers the absolute best in class fabric and tailoring techniques to make their experience of buying from us a memorable one. Custom t shirts are our forte and we are sure to leave you wanting for more.

How We Do It

Cool tshirts are an in thing right now. How do we make that happen? Well, we offer delicious deals on brand value and products with prices that are 60% of what our competition offers. For us, value is a combination of brand, fashion, price and quality. And we ensure that a healthy blend of the above mentioned qualities is delivered to the customers by staying true to our roots and trying not to indulge in gimmicks and promotions. We promise the best t shirt printing services, and we deliver.

Best After Sales Service:

Have a word for us regarding our t shirt printing services? Loved our custom t shirts? Have a complaint? Don't worry, we are always here for our customers. You do not have to pay a cent other than the cost of the product. We believe that the consumers must get the value they deserve, and we strive to make that happen in all cases. Our motto? Goodwill, progress and development.

Original Product Pictures

At Polly, we try our hardest to deliver to our customers a memorable purchasing experience. Therefore, we make sure to deliver what we promise, with no random images of tshirts taken from the internet or any other shady source. The product shown will be the product delivered, be it designer t shirts, or any of your custom t shirts. What's shown is what's given.